Welcome to OneGUARD

OneGUARD is an Australian specialist security consultancy and solutions provider with extensive experience in the delivery of security solutions including client managed cloud VM encryption, enterprise cloud orchestration, hardware based encryption for mobility (voice, SMS & files) and small factor hardware security modules (HSM).

These security solutions are supported by specialist professional services including ICT and security strategy, enterprise, ICT and security risk, transition and consolidation, project and programme management, business continuity and disaster recovery planning, I-RAP assessments and ICT audit & assurance.

Our clients come from a wide range of industries including telecommunications, finance, ICT, manufacturing, defence, professional services and governments at all levels.

Let us show you how we can assist your organisation with pragmatic, standards compliant, security consulting services and solutions that provide transparent, effective and efficient business outcomes.


Extensive experience

OneGUARD's consultants come from a diverse range of backgrounds including engineering, workplace training and teaching, computer science, defence, law enforcement, research and audit/accounting. Our consultants have experience providing advice and assistance from boutique businesses to some of the largest global multi-nationals and governments. Our consultants have provided advice to many major government transformation programmes and assisted in the development of a number of key critical government programmes. We have also assisted corporate clients in IT consolidation, security assessment and advice, implementing security controls, threat modelling and threat and risk management.

A tailored and creative approach to your needs

We actively listen and engage with our clients to ensure we meet their needs and respond dynamically to changing circumstances. We work with our clients teams in a spirit of collaboration, ensuring that we provide constructive, pragmatic advice and assistance to our clients in a way that adds positive value to their business.